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por | Oct 28, 2020 | Educación

Context regarding digital transformation

Schools from all over the world are facing the hardest challenge ever. Many changes have arised during the last decades within the education field, but it had never involved such a different requirement. Same problem applies to the business world in which digital transformation is pushing companies to get ready for the new needs that arrived after COVID-19 crisis started.

Our commitment to do as much as we can to get teachers ready to attend such demand is showing us how crucial educational technology is. We all knew this would come, but none expected this situation to occur so rapidly. However, different phases have been overcome by teachers before accepting what it is now clear to everyone: teaching will be quite digitised within a few months.

Great teachers find greater solutions

As months of caos are gone now, Aonia Education, which by the way will present its English version in the next few months, is helping big institutions and individual schools to prepare their teachers to make the most of virtual learning environments such as Google for Education or Microsoft 365 Education

Getting certifications in Level 1 and Level 2 from Google or MIE Expert from Microsoft is getting highly relevant for whoever is willing to work or keep working in private schools. Public ones advance at a different pace, but they are also looking for support from the governments regarding digital competences training.

It is being hard for them, but teachers are fully committed to keep offering their students the best possible learning experience. They are, therefore, advancing in the DIGCOMPEDU levels, from A1 to C2, just like in languages, in order to acquire all skills needed when teaching virtually.

Thousand of teachers are learning via AoniaLearning, which will also be available in English in a few months (not all the content at the beginning, but gradually released) with our “Competencia Digital Docente” courses, which means Digital Competence for Teachers and will be available in English soon.

And this great news will be coming together with Google and Microsoft courses being part of courses offered in English.

Would you like to grow as a virtual teacher with us?

Stay in the know with our educational newsletter (you can subscribe by introducing your personal details at the bottom of AoniaLearning’s website) and message us if you find any topic of your interest in our list but you do not speak Spanish. We will be creating new content in English from now on and translating our most “famous” articles. How to use “Tik Tok in the classroom”, “Tricks to pass Google Educator Level 1 exam successfully, “Learning Analytics” and many more trending topics.

Looking forward to sharing more educational experience with you!

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